READINGS for 2006-01-30

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But he would not permit him but told him instead, ?Go home to your family and announce to them all that the Lord in his pity has done for you.? ? Mark 5:19

I pray for a lot of things all throughout a day. I have been trying to make it a conscious effort on my part to lift up to the Lord in prayer even little details and needs like a ride during rush hour, or a brief pause in a sudden downpour when I do not have an umbrella. But there are also instances when God would surprise me with obvious miracles like some much-needed additional amount of money in my ATM account when the last amount I knew ?stashed? was much less. Whether it was a miracle of the multiplication of money or the deterioration of memory, at that precise moment, it was purely a miracle. In the gospel today, Jesus instructed the man freed from possession by many demons, ?Go home ...and announce to them all that the Lord in His pity has done for you.? For all the miracles that God, in His pity has done for me, I do not think I have really gone to a lot of people to make the announcement. Most of the time, it is just those in community I make the announcement to. Today, He reminds me with urgency that such an announcement is for me to share with everyone without exception. Lord, grant me the courage to speak to others about You and all You?ve done in my life.Yrrej P.


Evangelization may not come naturally for us but it is part and parcel of God?s call for everyone.



Today?s Gospel presents us with healing of a possessed man. Possession is a reality that fortunately we do not have to deal with often. Jesus casts the devil into a mob of pigs that destroy themselves. What is His message? I think that one message that we might draw from this event is the difficulty that we have in our own power of overcoming the devil?s work in our lives. In fact, on our own, it is impossible for us to overcome the devil. The demoniac or possessed man was able to break the shackles that the people tied him up with on many occasions. For me, this demonstrates that in our own strength we lack the power and authority to contain the devil. Why is this so? Probably because we are compromised in our attempts to address the authority of the devil since we already have an allegiance to sin and its powers at work in our lives. As sinners, we do not stand in a place of complete righteousness before the devil. Jesus, the sinless One, does not have this disability. Now that Jesus has won for us the gift of salvation, He shares with us His righteousness so we have the power to overcome sin and the devil. It is this power that we have to draw upon when we are tempted. When the devil comes knocking at the door of our life so to speak, we now have the power to refuse him entry! This power comes from the Cross of Christ, not from any innate or personal power. This is why Paul will constantly emphasize the fact that we must become men and women of the cross in order to be disciples of Jesus. It is interesting to note that the demon in today?s Gospel does not attempt to refute Jesus? authority. He knows that Jesus has defeated him. They say that there is one thing that the devil can never imitate and is utterly repulsive to him: the humility of Christ. So if we want to know a sure way to be victorious in battle with the devil, we should cultivate the grace of humility and submission to the authority of Christ. The devil will leave us alone if this is our way of life. He knows from the beginning that there is no place for him and that there is no way he can undermine such a defense. Fr. Steve T.


How do I fare when temptation comes my way? Do I give into it or am I able to repulse it by standing with the power given to me by Jesus? 

Lord Jesus, thank You for sharing Your victory over sin and death with me. I pray that I will always be humble enough to embrace this gift and so prove myself capable of refuting the temptations of the enemy under the power of your grace.

St. Bathildis, queen, pray for us.

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